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Using the 'Two Minds' of Our One Brain
to Think More Realistically

Two 'Hemispheric Minds' for Knowing the 'Two Ways Things Happen' in Systems Science
  • Right and left hemispheric brain division is an evolutionary necessity for most animals
  • Adaptive survival requires both exclusive left hemisphere 'point' focus and inclusive right hemisphere 'field' awareness
  • Each frames our awareness and influences 'how' we see, interpret, and understand differently
  • Human evolution greatly elaborated the adaptive potential of both hemispheric perspectives
  • Our left hemisphere enables us to mentally 'abstract' phenomena as things, events, parts, categories, and concepts
  • Our right hemisphere provides imminent experience of the world, promoting connection, participation, and empathy
  • Each promotes a different 'sense of self and world,' yet both are paradoxically essential to knowing realistically
  • In this way we can integrate the 'two ways things happen' described by systems science 
  • However, our technologically obsessed society has demoted and disabled our right hemisphere understanding
  • Our hunter/gatherer ancestors depended upon left hemisphere intelligence for technological manipulation
  • But their cultures can be regarded as favoring a more holistic right hemisphere  biased worldview
  • Civilization's increased technological dependency began a shift to a more left hemisphere biased worldview
  •  Industrialized, technologically obsessed modernity has overtly privileged the left hemisphere thinking
  • Comprehend the science of emergently self-organizing systems and their agency requires a logical paradox
The Evolutionary Necessity of Two Hemispheric Minds in One Brain
Most Animals have Bi-lateralized Left and Right Brain Hemispheres
__2 heads rose one-many.jpg
Human Adaptation through Technological Means and the Expansion of Hemispheric Specialization

Left < > Right, Left > < Right,  Local < > Global, Local > < Global
How do we know when which is dominant?
When left is dominant, right is facilitating it but inconspicously
What is a right dominant experience like if overtly evident?
How does reflexively left dominance become evident?

Two Mental Modes of Attention and Two Contrary Experiences of the World
paradox of perception/conception that mirrors causal /emergent world

Left < > Right, Left > < Right,  Local < > Global, Local > < Global

the all embracing, betwixt and between rh minding

Two Mental Modes of Attention and Two Contrary Experiences of Self and World

Exclusive Point-Focused Attention   Inclusive Full-Field Attention

3 Faced Head R-L words 1.jpg
Thinker 2Brain 2ways.jpg
Point - Field info flow.jpg
The Necessarily Conflicting Ways we 'Make Meaning' from Right and Left Hemisphere Persectives

house, love, etc

think-GearHeadTape copy.jpg
ConHead Cluster only.jpg
think-ConHeadorange copy.jpg
HierarchicGroup copy 2.jpg
InteractiveGroup copy.jpg
 Eye sees man.jpg


The Essential Role of Culture in Mediating Our Right and Left Hemisphere Versions of Reality
Promoting Right Hemisphere Understanding through Artistic and Mythological Symbolism

Brain science can assist in discerning what types of mental activities and experiences promote right hemisphere understanding. And research indicates that the metaphorical symbolism of artistic expressions, literature, and mythological traditions are potent stimulants to that inclusive manner of 'mind-ing' the world. By correlating such symbolism with the factual insights of complex systems and network science, we can begin to understand how it actually served to assist humans to 'see,' in an imaginal yet emotionally potent manner, the strange 'way that things happen' revealed by this new science. Through that correlation we can also enhance our understanding of the implications of the science for our worldview.

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