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The 'Brave New World' of Systems We Cannot Control
  • From ecologies to economies, cells to societies, systems have been shown to manifest self-organizing networks
  • These unpredictably self-promoting networks act in ways we can neither fully explain nor control
  • Even human systems self-direct in ways we do not intend or perceive, often debilitating both humans and Nature
  • The facts of these networks reveal we are profoundly ignorant of 'how the world actually works'
  • We are confronted with a new scientific reality that requires a new, network-centered world view
Inhabiting a World of Autonomously Self-Organizing Systems Beyond Our Control

To perceive and act realistically, our science now compels us to think in terms of systems that purposefully regulate and adapt themselves through their operational networks. From ecologies to economies, families to politics, these networks shape the world around us and are inherently beyond our control.

Sustainable Society and The Necessity of Radical Cultural Change

It is evident that our human systems are destroying the self-organizing networks of natural systems--the very basis of our existence. The negative effects of our behavior include environmental degradation, massive extinction of animal and plant species, and chaotic climate disruption. To become sustainable we must reconfigure our systems. We must operate them so that they facilitate the self-organization of natural systems. To do that we must intentionally generate radical cultural change. To do that we require a new, network-based world view.

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